Ratandeep Surgical Hospital & Endoscopy Clinic
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Special Interest In Colorectal Disease :

*Pioneer of Minimally Operative Surgery for Piles

*First to perform ”Colour Doppler Guided Haemrrhoidal Artery Ligation” in India

*Faculty for IRC and DGUHAL for piles at different National Conferences and Workshops

*Offering All modalities for treatment of pile from Injection treatment , Band    Ligation , Conventional Surgery , Cryohaemrrhoidectomy , Infra Red    Coagulation , Doppler and Colour Doppler Guided Haemrrhoidal Artery Ligation, Radiofrequency Based Haemrrhoidectomy & Radiofrequency Ablation, Stapplers ,Ultrasonic Cut & Seal

*First to launch Anal Tonometry [First of it’s kind] in INDIA

*First To Launch “Artificial Anal Sphincter” In ASIA